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Shimba Technologies provides channel development, information dissemination and transaction processing of key content.
Limeco delivers LIME products and consultancy services.
Thebhub develops smart blockchain solutions for Supply chain and Financial services
GotBot is an artificial intelligence chatbot solution.
Location Nairobi, Kenya South Africa, South Africa Nairobi, Kenya South Africa, South Africa
Founded 2009 2012 2018 2016
Type Private Private Private Private
Sectors Digital Services Digital Services Blockchain, Digital Services, Supply Chain Management, HRTech Artificial Intelligence, Business Information Systems, Digital Services, Marketing tech
Employees 11-50 - 1-10 1-10
Twitter followers 118 - 129 74
Latest fund round Seed Seed Seed Venture
Total fund raised $100.0K $138.3K $100.0K $164.1K
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