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Ibnsina Pharma is Egypt’s fastest-growing and second largest pharmaceutical distribution company.
DabaDoc is an internet company with a mission of improving access to healthcare in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
Takestep is an Egyptian mobile platform focused on treatment for addiction as well as general psychiatry.
Syked is an online wellness platform that provides virtual counselling sessions to clients.
Location Cairo, Egypt Casablanca, Morocco Cairo, Egypt Centurion, South Africa
Founded 2001 2014 2018 2019
Type Private Private Private Private
Sectors Pharmaceutical, Supply Chain Management, Health Care, Logistics MedTech, Health Care Health Care, E-Health, Mobile, MedTech Health, Health Care
Employees 5,001-10,000 11-51 11-50 -
Twitter followers - 358 - 251
Latest fund round - Venture Seed Grant
Total fund raised N/A N/A N/A N/A
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