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Property Tube
Property Tube
CoFundie is a platform for crowd-sourcing funds for the development of buildings using cost efficient and time-saving techniques
Homelux is one of the leading property development companies in Zimbabwe
Ekaya exists to make renting simpler, safer and more connected - for everyone.
Platform to create, manage and market real estate videos
Location Accra, Ghana Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe South Africa, South Africa South Africa, South Africa
Founded 2019 1980 2013 2008
Type Private Private Private Private
Sectors Real Estate, Real Estate Tech Industrial, Real Estate, Real Estate Tech Real Estate, Rental, PropTech Real Estate, PropTech
Employees 1-10 - 1-10 11-50
Twitter followers 239 24 501 961
Latest fund round Seed Venture Angel Seed
Total fund raised $100.0K $375.0K $81.1K $100.0K
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